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SUNROAD Men's Sports Watch: GPS Positioning, Multi-Sport Data Analysis, Waterproof, Mobile Sync

SUNROAD Men's Sports Watch: GPS Positioning, Multi-Sport Data Analysis, Waterproof, Mobile Sync

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SUNROAD GPS Swim Sports Watch Fitness Tracker For Men Waterproof Altimeter Barometer Compass Hombre Clock



● Location: Combine GPS GLONASS BEIDOU satelites, Fast and accuracy

● Tracking 50 places, shows Longitude & latitude, direction and distance for the target place.

● Tracking our sports route and shows on map in app

● Triathlon tracking: running, swimming, cycling

● Snorkeling dive: diving depth, diving time and water temperature

● Barometer/altimeter/compass/temperature/weather forecast

● Heart rate monitoring: Including trend chart, max, min, average and

current heart rate and heart rate alarm

● Swimming: monitoring time / laps / distance / speed / calorie / heart rate etc.

● Cycling: monitoring time / laps / distance / speed / calorie / heart rate etc.

● Running: 3D pedometer / walking / calorie / distance / time / speed

/ heart rate / route tracking / history record etc.

● Training: smart partner / training plan

● 48hours air pressure trend chart

● 7 X 24hours altitude trend chart & Climb rate

● Digital compass / bubble level / geolocation

● Support bluetooth app connection, APP name: HARD

● Personal / history record / sports ranking

● Language: English, Deutsch,Italiana,Español,Français,Chinese

● Backlight / 10ATM water proof

● USB charge

● 304 stainless steel watch ring + ABS case + nylon strap


Activity record


0 - 99999 steps


0 - 9999.9KCAL


0 - 99.99(KM)(MILE)

Sports time

Activity time record


Target steps setting and tracking


Display range

-500m to 9000m (-1640ft to 32760ft)




Display range

300hpa to 1100hpa (8.8 to 32.6inHg)


1hpa / 0.03 inHg

Training record

Training time

Tracking training time

Training speed

0 - 999.9KM/H (MILE/H)

Training distance

0 - 99.99(KM)(MILE)


Target training time setting and tracking



hour, minute, second, year (2010-2099), month, day, week

Stop watch


0- 9 Hour 59 Minute 5 9Second 99

APPS system

APPS system

Support Android system, iOS system, apps name: HARD


Display method

High definite LCD display


USB charge, 330mah, 3V; Charging three hours, standby 2 months, When GPS is always on, work 24hours

Water proof

10ATM waterproof, can swimming


Rechargable cable

1 pcs

User Guide

1 pcs


Watch ring

Stainless steel

Watch case



Mineral glass


Stainless steel


Nylon or Silicon, width: 24mm, length: 260mm


Stainless steel


Item weight

70g; One item packed: 12 x 12 x 12cm, G.W. 310g

Product demension

diameter 50 X thickness15mm


1pcs/gift box, 68pcs/ master carton

Master carton demension

58 x 43 x 30cm

Master carton weight

G.W. 15kgs, N.W.13kgs

20’ container



Brand story

Qestions & answers

Question: No GPS route or wrong sports data when sports.
Answer: Please make sure to select outdoor and connect GPS successfully then start sports. Under time mode, press right middle button two times to enter running outdoor mode, then GPS will search satellite automatically. After the GPS icon is full on screen, please press right middle button again to start sports. GPS only works outside not indoor.
Question: No heart rate data when sports.
Answer: Please turn on heart rate, then go to sports mode to start sports. Under time mode, press right top button three times to go to heart rate mode, press right middle button to select turn on.
Question: How to save GPS location and then track this location?
Answer: Saving location: under time mode, press right middle button, then press right above button, then press right middle button to enter setting mode, select "SENSORS", then select "Geolocation", then GPS will start search satellite. After get the longitude and latitude, then go to "NAVIGATION" (Under time mode, press right middle button, press right top button 2 times), press right middle button in turn can save the current location.
Tracking location: Go to "NAVIGATION", select target place code, select "go", then there will be a distance and an arrow display on the screen. Please be ensure the GPS is connected successfully(the GPS icon is fully displayed on the screen).
Question: The screen has no display even charge the watch.
Answer: There are two possibilities. One, the watch may be watered in, it is totally dead. So please don't press button in the water and keep it far away from the hot steam. Secondly, the usb charger may not connect with the watch well during charging. Please keep the charger needles just in the watch holes, when connect successful, there will be a battery icon display on screen.
Question: How to unlock the the watch?
Answer: Press left below button and right middle button at the same time to unlock the watch.
Question: No distance data for indoor swim.
Answer: Firstly we should select swim pool distance. Under time mode, press right middle button, press right above button, press right middle button to enter setting mode, Select "PERSONAL", select "Swimming PL", select your swim pool is 25m or 50m. Then go to swim indoor mode, press left below button each time when you finish each one distance. Then there will be a correct distance record. Please don't press button in the water.
Question: Bluetooth can not be connected.
Answer: If you never connect this watch before, just be ensure turn on bluetooth both on the watch and the cell phone. Then go to apps "HARD", select "Device", press "Search for device", select the device "FR934-XXXX". When connected successful, there will be pair icon near the bluetooth icon which display on the watch. If you connected this watch before, please select "Forget" in apps at device menu to delete the device first. Deleting the watch in the bluetooth list at setting mode in the cell phone.Then connect the watch base on above steps. Because all bluetooth can only pair one unit.

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