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Professional CCTV Tester DT-T70 1080P IP Analog Camera Testing HD Combine Tester AC100-240V Security & Protection Camera Tester

Professional CCTV Tester DT-T70 1080P IP Analog Camera Testing HD Combine Tester AC100-240V Security & Protection Camera Tester

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T70 Support IPC(H.264/ H.265/ 4K) Camera +12V/1A power output +TDR RJ45 Cable Test  + 12V/1A power output+ 100M network port

T71 Support IPC(H.264/ H.265/ 4K) Camera+AHD+TVI+CVI+CVBS +12V/1A power output +TDR RJ45 Cable Test  + 12V/1A power output+ 100M network port

 This device is designed for video surveillance installation and maintenance. It can be applied to analog SD video, analog HD video, HD IP CCTV systems, RS485 PTZ control testing, IP camera testing, Ethernet testing, TDR cable testing*, video screen shots, video recording, playback, and other functions, and combined with analog camera testing. This device is powerful, easy to carry, very suitable for video security engineering installation and the maintenance of front-end camera equipment. It greatly improves engineering and installation efficiency, reducing the cost of maintenance.



1. Support for traditional analog SD video systems, analog HD video systems, and IP HD systems in one device.

2. Step-by-step testing guide allows you to locate faults quickly.

3. Highly compatible with ONVIF protocols.

4. Ergonomic, portable design and single-handed operation.

5. On-screen operation tips,Flip keyboard input.

6. POE power supply, PD power accept, and 12V/1A power output.

7. Dual 1000M network port, support packet loss detection, data flow monitor, etc.

8. 4.0 inch IPS Display with 800 * 480 resolution and 16.7M Colors.

9. Replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery, battery life of 10 hours.

10. Rubber protection layer, Dual LED torch light.





Voltage  AC 100-240V 
Plug UK plug


Network interface

Dual10/100M RJ45, support switch mode

Function interface

Dual BNC connector(Video input/output), RS485comm, audio input, USB, reset button

IPC test



Ethernet test

10/100MLink test, link speed test, Ethernet loop detect, Ethernet flow monitor, Link quality indicator

IP Setting

Manual IP/ DHCP client/ DHCP Server/Multiple DHCP detect/auto DHCP status switching

IPC Test

Discover, inter-subnet discover,camera list, camera snapshot for fast camera indication, real time video, camera network setting, PTZ test, audio test, full screen display of video, digital zoom of video( 8step), save snapshot, record video(original stream), UDP/TCP switching, packet lost indicator, camera profile setting.

IPC Image Test

H.265/ H.264 Encode, Support 4K 30FPS

Activation for Hikvision/ Dahua camera

Automatic detect

Analog SD test

SD standard


Video resolution


Signal level


Camera test

Real time video, PTZ control, audio test, full screen preview, digital zoom of video(8 step), save snapshot, record video(h.264), video resolution and frame rate indicator.

PTZ controller

Communication protocol

for Hikvision, Pelco-D/P, Samsung, Lilin, Yaan...more than 30 protocols 

Baud rate

150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps

Other test

Network analysis

Sniff, list sub-net, for ping

Video generator

SendPAL/NTSC of various test pattern to output

Record playback

Local playback, snapshot and video digital zoom, video frame by frame play support

TDR RJ45 Cable Test

RJ45 Cable Test

0~200m RJ45 cable test,open/short/broken wire,resolution 1m



4.0inch TFT 800*RGB*480(WVGA) resolution,16.7M color, back light level adjustable

Internal storage


LED torch

Two 35lm LED, can turn on individually when device is off.


Power button, main control keypad of 12 keys, swing QWERTY keyboard of 45 keys.



Keypad tone


Software upgrade

Online upgrade

Power supply


Dedicate li-polymer battery, user replaceable, capacity11Wh

Power output

12V/1A output

Battery work time

Charge 3~4 hours, working time 5 hours


Working temperature


Working humidity


Device Dimension





Package List:

1 * CCTV Tester with Battery

1 * charger
1 * video cable
1 * PTZ control cable
1 * audio cable
1 * network cable
1 * data connection cable
1 * power cable
1 * portable rope
1 * strap
1 * bag


Note: Please kindly make a note if you need any plug adapter. 

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