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New Tuya 7/10 Inch Video Intercom Wifi Tuya Smart Home video doorbell System.

New Tuya 7/10 Inch Video Intercom Wifi Tuya Smart Home video doorbell System.

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New Tuya 7/10 Inch Video Wifi Intercom Tuya Smart Home video doorbell System 1080P 160°Wired Doorbell Camera Full Touch Monitor

Smart doorbell easily talks with visitors through the app, which supports IOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Support remote unlocking, monitoring, Two-way communication, video recording, etc. You can answer the door in your hand.

It supports English, Russian French, Spanish German, Arabic, Nederlands, Traditional Chinese.

Express delivery or visitors will not miss:

When someone rings the doorbell, we can hear the doorbell, talk to the guests outside through our phone or screen, and even have a full conversation and unlock with our phone

Screen 7 or 10 inches

According to your needs, we have different screen sizes to choose from, as shown in the following figure

Phone unlocking

If you forget to bring your key when you go out, you can use your phone to unlock it. With your phone, you can operate all the functions on the screen, making future technology extremely convenient

Outdoor doorbell

Wide angle 3.2mm lens, 160 degrees


With night vision, waterproof IP65

Aluminum alloy housing

Indoor Monitor:

Screen: 7 inch TFT-LCD touch screen

Resolution: 1024 x 680

Ring: 7-chord melody ringsVolume

Connection Way: 4-wires, WIFI tuya solution

Panel Material: Acrylic/ABS cove

Excellent display by buyers

IP65 waterproof design

The metal shell can withstand extreme cold and heat, and the IP65 can prevent rainwater from entering the machine, greatly enhancing the usable time of the doorbell. Buying it is a way to earn money

Indoor call

Click on internal call, users can call other indoor monitors and other users

Connection instructions:

Can connect 6 indoor monitors, 2 intelligent doorbells, and one mobile phone can control the intelligent monitoring of the entire building

Compatible with Various Electronic Locks

This apartment video intercom can be connected to various electric locks (electromagnetic locks, electric locks, electric bolt locks) to provide convenience for your life.(Note:Locks need to be purchased separately)

Product Features:

2.0MP Camera, 160 degrees wide view angle.

2-way communication between indoor and outdoor unit. Support 2 way communication between monitors.

Support iOS & Android smart phone with Tuya Smart APP, When somebody call at outdoor, your monitor and smartphone will ring at the same time.

Motion Detect, When motion detect is triggered,the camera will recording or capture a picture,even though nobody press the doorbell.

The indoor unit has an external 32G SD card (supports photo or video).

Note: 4 wires cable connection doorbell and monitor, The monitor support WIFI network, but the indoor monitor and doorbell is Wired.

Automatic Recording

1080P camera with 160º wide view angle, Visitors at the door can be seen clearly.

Camera built-in microphone and speaker, When visitors press the doorbell or motion detect is triggered, doorbell camera will Automatically record videos or snapshot pictures and save them in monitor micro SD card.No Subscription Required:

Free smart platform TUYA APP, Including 32GB micro SD card, locally securely stored, one-time purchases that combine security with convenience. Every moment captured is stored locally on the monitor inside your home.

Newly upgraded wif connection function, bid farewell to the troublesome wif hotspot connection, the phone will automatically search for indoor screens, click on connect when found, and complete in a few seconds

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