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LILYGO® T-Watch-S3 – Programmable Smartwatch with Integrated Technology

LILYGO® T-Watch-S3 – Programmable Smartwatch with Integrated Technology

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Unlock the potential of wearable technology with the LILYGO® T-Watch-S3, a fully programmable smartwatch that blends cutting-edge functionality with practicality. Designed for developers and technology aficionados, this device features the powerful ESP32-S3 processor, supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration with IoT applications.

Key Features:

  • ESP32-S3 Processor: At the heart of the T-Watch-S3 is the ESP32-S3, offering robust performance with support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, ideal for custom software applications.

  • Touchable Display: Navigate through your applications effortlessly with the responsive touchable display, designed for both convenience and functionality.

  • Integrated LoRa Technology: Extend your reach with built-in LoRa capabilities, allowing for long-range, low-power communication in remote applications.

  • BMA423 Sensor: Track your activity and monitor your health with the advanced BMA423 sensor, which provides accurate motion and step counting.

  • MAX98357A Mic Speaker: Enjoy clear audio feedback and interaction with a built-in microphone and speaker, enhancing your user experience with voice commands and alerts.


  • Customizable Software: Tailor the smartwatch software to meet your specific needs with fully programmable capabilities, turning your watch into a portable innovation hub.

  • Connectivity and Expansion: Easily connect with other devices and sensors, making it perfect for home automation projects, health tracking, or remote monitoring.

  • Versatile Use Cases: Ideal for developers interested in creating apps for health monitoring, environmental sensing, or smart home integration.

  • Portable and Stylish: Wear technology on your wrist with a sleek, modern design that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Conclusion:The LILYGO® T-Watch-S3 is more than just a smartwatch. It’s a versatile development platform that brings your projects to your wrist, offering endless possibilities for customization and integration. Perfect for hobbyists, professional developers, and technology enthusiasts eager to explore the capabilities of wearable tech.


Based on factory firmware testing, with a battery voltage of 4.1V~4.2V, the screen is observed every 2 hours, displaying for approximately 15 seconds before automatically resting. 

The standby battery life is approximately 48 hours.

What"s in the box?

  • 1 X T-Watch-S3 (400mAh)

  • 1 X Charging Cable (Micro USB)

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