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"Gain the Competitive Edge: KRYDEX IPSC Red Aluminum Holster & Magazine Pouch"

"Gain the Competitive Edge: KRYDEX IPSC Red Aluminum Holster & Magazine Pouch"

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KRYDEX IPSC Aluminum Holster RED Magazine Pouch Mag USPSA Competition Shooting Multi-Angle Adjustment Speed Shooter Pistol Race

"Unlock your full potential in competition shooting with the KRYDEX IPSC Aluminum Holster and Magazine Pouch, meticulously designed for the dynamic demands of USPSA, IPSC, and speed shooting contests. Crafted from premium aluminum, this red holster and mag pouch set not only stands out visually but offers unparalleled durability and lightweight performance, enabling faster, more fluid movements on the field.

The multi-angle adjustment feature of both the holster and magazine pouch allows for personalized setup, ensuring that your pistol and magazines are positioned for optimal access and rapid deployment. This customization capability is crucial for shooters looking to shave precious seconds off their draw and reload times, providing a tangible advantage in the heat of competition.

Equipped with a secure locking system, the KRYDEX holster ensures your pistol remains firmly in place during vigorous movements, while the magazine pouch’s precise fit design prevents magazines from rattling or falling out, yet allows for smooth, swift retrieval. This balance of security and accessibility is essential for maintaining focus and efficiency under pressure.

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or aspiring to climb the ranks, the KRYDEX IPSC Aluminum Holster and Magazine Pouch is your key to performance excellence. Embrace the speed, precision, and reliability offered by this elite gear, and step into your next shooting competition with confidence. Elevate your game with KRYDEX, where innovation meets competition."


Brand: Krydex

Material: Aluminum
Color: Red

* Constructed from durable aluminum.
* Fits Single Stack and Double Stack Magazines.
* Ambidextrous design for Left / Right Handed user.
* Fully adjustable,Rotates 360 degrees.
* Combined with a unique and superior retention system,creates a smoother and more consistent release, leading to a more reliable and faster reload.

* Side and back inner plastic spacers are specific to the magazine size.

* Fits for most type of magazine eg High Capacity magazines including STI, SV, SPS, Springfield Armory, Para Ordnance, Bul M5, Kimber & Charles Dally Hi Cap etc; Most 9mm & 40 S&W Double Stack Mags Beretta 92 & clones, Tanfoglio, CZ 75 & Clones, HK USP 9mm / 40, pringfield XD S&W, Sig Sauer et.; Glock All Small frame Glock mags. Sub-compact, compact & fullsize 9mm & 40S&W models; Single Stack 1911 Mags.

Package Include:
1PC * Aluminum Magazine Holster

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