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"Ultra-Discreet 1080P Mini Wireless Camera: Night Vision & Motion Detection Security"

"Ultra-Discreet 1080P Mini Wireless Camera: Night Vision & Motion Detection Security"

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"Elevate your security to new heights with our Hot Mini Camera, a wireless wifi marvel designed for ultimate surveillance and monitoring. This compact powerhouse packs a 1080P HD resolution, delivering crystal-clear imagery day or night, thanks to its advanced night vision capabilities. Perfect for keeping an eye on your baby, pet, or ensuring the safety of your home and office, it discreetly blends into any environment.

Equipped with sophisticated motion detection technology, this camera alerts you to any activity, capturing every moment with precision. Whether you're away or asleep, rest assured that this mini surveillance camera has you covered, providing real-time footage directly to your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated IP cam app.

Installation is a breeze, allowing you to place it anywhere or mount it for the perfect vantage point. Its wireless connectivity means no messy cables, ensuring a clean, unobtrusive setup. With its versatile use as a baby monitor, pet camera, or for general security purposes, this Hot Mini Camera is an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their peace of mind. Step up your surveillance game and never miss a moment with this cutting-edge security solution."


1. Small size, high energy consumption, 1080P high-definition picture quality, WIFI web camera, mobile phone remote monitoring, magnetic rotating bracket.

2.120 degree wide-angle shooting, night vision distance of 10 meters, audio-visual synchronization.

3. Infrared does not emit light, video does not turn on lights, no network monitoring, motion detection, multi-platform support, video can be charged at the same time.

4. One-key video, one-key switch, power display.

5. AP hotspot/WiFi link.

6. 360-degree radar reconnaissance, motion detection, sound monitoring.

7. The camera does not have a built-in battery and requires an external power input.

Connection method:

1. In a wireless network environment, download and install HomeEye in Google Play or App Store or scan the instructions corresponding to the QR code. Put the camera switch in the ON position and wait for 40 seconds. When you see the blue light of the device flashing, it indicates that the device has started normally.

2. Open the phone settings, select permission management, select bluecam and trust the application, start bluecam, click, and then select AP hotspot configuration. Enter the hot search page, search for the device and connect, click "Play", a security prompt will pop up, and then click "OK" to enter the user settings page.

3. Set the username and password and click to complete the operation, then you can view it in real time.

1 camera (without memory card)

1 micro charging cable

1 product manual, Chinese and English


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