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"HomeGuard Elite: The Next Generation in Home Security"

"HomeGuard Elite: The Next Generation in Home Security"

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Introducing HomeGuard Elite, the pinnacle of home security innovation designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. This state-of-the-art system combines the latest in WiFi and GSM technology to ensure your home is monitored and protected around the clock. 

With HomeGuard Elite, you gain the power of real-time alerts sent directly to your smartphone, no matter where you are in the world. The kit includes everything you need to secure your home: a high-decibel siren to deter intruders, PIR motion sensors that detect any unauthorized movement, and window and door sensors that provide complete perimeter security. Easy to install and manage, HomeGuard Elite is the smart choice for those who refuse to compromise on safety. Upgrade to HomeGuard Elite today and experience peace of mind like never before.

PG-103 WiFi+GSM Alarm System


Product Features:
The alarm is PG103 2G version, which is a key alarm, and it is used with WIFI and SIM cards.
WIFI provides network functions, SIM cards provide call and SMS functions.
The alarm supports 10 languages, namely Chinese, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek.
1. This alarm is to install a sensor on the window or door. If you open the door or window, it will trigger the alarm, send a loud alarm, and send a text message through the smart life app to inform you. If you put the SIM card in the alert, it will call you the voice call.
2. If the PIR movement sensor is installed in the need, it is the infrared sensor of the human body. When someone approaches, it will send a warning voice, and it will also send a text message and call you.
3. If you install smoke detectors, carbon monitor detectors, and gas detectors, you will also notify you when fire and gas leakage.
4. It has a lot of settings. You can set it to the mute mode when you go home, the alarm protection mode when you go out, and so on.
5. You can also open the protection mode and revoke the protection mode remotely through the mobile app.

Display screen:

2.4-inch TFT large digital display screen.
Date/clock indication.
Alarm/arm/disarm/countdown time indication.

Intercom monitoring throughout the whole process,remote yelling to terrorize thievesSupport 9 languages switched freely

English, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian,Polish, French and Portuguese

5 Preset Alarm Calls, No Missing Any Alarm Information

When the hos dials an alarm and encounters busy line, it will dial the next reserved number. Do not miss every alarm notificationDetailsAPP ControlWhy choose us?


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