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"Stay Connected 24/7: Ultimate Wireless IP Camera with Two-Way Audio & Motion Sensor"

"Stay Connected 24/7: Ultimate Wireless IP Camera with Two-Way Audio & Motion Sensor"

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"Introducing the pinnacle of surveillance technology – our Wireless IP Camera, designed to keep you connected to your home, office, or business around the clock. With two-way audio capabilities, this camera breaks barriers, allowing you to communicate directly through it from any location. Experience remote access via our free app for iOS and Android, ensuring you never miss a moment, whether it's monitoring your children, pets, or ensuring your small office remains secure, all without the burden of hidden fees.

Our camera is equipped with a motion sensor that, upon detection, activates the alarm, starts recording, and sends instant push notifications to keep you informed. The recorded footage is securely stored on an external 32GB microSD card (not included), ensuring you can review what you missed at any time, with night vision capabilities of up to 30 feet.

Installation is a breeze thanks to its versatile design. The camera offers a full 180° rotation and comes with a magnetic mount for easy attachment to any metal surface, setting the perfect viewing angle. Moreover, this plug-in-and-go security solution operates without the need for batteries, providing continuous, reliable coverage. Elevate your security setup with our Wireless IP Camera and enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive monitoring and communication features."


Talk and listen from everywhere. For two-way audio connection. Remote access to the security camera on Smartphone or Tablet allows you to monitor your home, office or business 24/7 without any hidden fees. Free App for IOS/Android. Best for monitoring homes, baby, pet, dogs, small offices, and businesses.See what you missed. If you miss an alert, you can see from the video archive stored on an external 32 Gb microSD-type card (no included). Night vision is up to 30 feet.Motion Sensor. If the camera is secured, when the integrated motion sensor is triggered, the security camera will turn on the alarm signal, start recording video and send a push notification to your mobile phone or tablet.Set up it everywhere. The wireless ip camera can rotate a full 180°, allowing you to set the ideal angle for observing the room. The magnetic mount allows you to attach the video camera to any metal surface.Plug-in-and-go security. The wifi camera is be operated without batteries.


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