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"Flashlight Camera Combo: Handheld 4G WiFi DVR Smart Cam for Live Video Recording"

"Flashlight Camera Combo: Handheld 4G WiFi DVR Smart Cam for Live Video Recording"

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B2 Flashlight Camera Handheld 4G WiFi Dvr Smart Cam Live Video Recording Wireless Intelligent Inspection Instrument

"Revolutionize the way you capture and inspect with our cutting-edge Flashlight Camera, a handheld device that marries illumination with smart technology. This 4G WiFi DVR Smart Cam offers live video recording capabilities, enabling you to document and stream your findings in real-time, anywhere, anytime. Perfect for professionals in security, maintenance, and inspection fields, this wireless intelligent inspection instrument ensures no detail is missed, even in low-light conditions. With its durable design and easy-to-use interface, it stands as a versatile tool for a wide range of applications. Whether you're conducting safety inspections, documenting outdoor adventures, or ensuring security, our Flashlight Camera is your go-to gadget for capturing high-quality footage on the move."


1.Law enforcement duty: law enforcement officers record images of cases, disputes, incident scene, complaints, reconsideration for future reference, case study and judgment,
Tracing later, restore the truth; warning and deterring illegal actors, consciously abide by laws and regulations
2.Security service: image recording of the whole working process, stored in reserve file.
3.Production operation: railway operation, power operation, elevator maintenance, ship maintenance, production inspection and other process image records, analysis and preparation gear
4.Item handover: logistics, express delivery, delivery, delivery process image records, standardize personal behavior and time limit, and reduce disputes

Product parameter:


   A 1.5-inch TFT LCD

The lens Angle

The built-in camera shot 120 degrees

The focus range


Storage capacity

The standard 16GB TF storage card has a maximum support of 128 GB TF

Digital zoom

Support for 8 x digital zoom

Photo format

JPG file format with the highest output pixels; 32 MP

Video camera

H.264 1920*1080 1280*720 640*480

Video format


Infrared night view

Clear faces within 6 meters, 12 meters

Battery capacity


Lighting duration

About 24 hours

Video, time

About 18 hours

Lighting video-duration video recording

About 8 hours

Charging interval

Battery charging time is about 12 hours

Left for electricity

Screen text display

Equipment, watermark

Equipment ID, Officer ID, Time Date

Video quality

Quality / Standard / Economy

Recording time

5 min / 10 min / 15 min

Screen time

1 min / 3 min

Flash function

Support white light burst flash and sound alarm

Circular video


Image transmission



Support (optional)

Car cycle video


Working temperature

Negative 20s to positive 55 degrees C

Storage temperature

Negative 40s to positive 60 degrees C

Product size

Head diameter 55m * tail diameter 37mm * 254mm in length

Body weight


Linguistic support

China / UK (supporting multinational languages)

Administration software

Connect the recorder for setup and data management operation through the password authorization management mechanism

Packing List

1xUSB Cable
1xShoulder Strap

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