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Enabot Indoor Surveillance Pet Bot

Enabot Indoor Surveillance Pet Bot

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  • Clear Night Vision

           Monitoring throughout the day and night. Even if you are on a business trip or traveling, you will not be absent from your pet's                      company.Through the 2-way voice intercom function, interact with your puppy or cat.

  • Self-Return to Charging Dock

          One hours full charged,continuous moving monitoring for 3 hours.When the battery is too low or the camera is not in use, it will                     automatically find the charging dock to charge.

  • 256GB SD Card Storage

          Built-in 16GB SD card, which can store videos and pictures, and supports fetching the card and re-saving data in the card to other                   devices.Larger memory SD card, need to be purchased separately.The maximum memory supported is 256GB.

  • Multi-Scene Use

         Not only home security camera, but also baby & pet & elderly camera.Small, stylish and cute appearance will be loved by children or              pets. Let it be a member of your family.

  • How to power on/off and reset?

         POWER ON: Press button for 2 seconds (or place the camera on the charging dock).

         POWER OFF: Press button twice.

         REBOOT:Press button 1 time until camera is on.

         RESET:Press button for 5 seconds until you hear "EBO".

  • How to clean the wheels?

         Our monitor has self-diagnosis feature, if you have long-haired pets, please dismount the screws at the bottom with the thick end  of            the pin to disassemble the wheel set for cleaning.

  • How to take out the SD card?

         The product comes with an ejection pin. Use the thick end of the pin to align with the SD card slot, push it in, and the SD card will pop          out automatically.Putting the SD card into the card slot is the same method.

  • Privacy Policy

         EBO APP DO NOT have any access to reach user's information and all the data will be stored on extensible SD card on the camera. We          deeply value user's safety and privacy.

         1. For data transmission, information is transmitted with multiple-level encrypted private protocols.

         2. For data storage, the image/video data will be stored on local SD card inside Enabot camera and your smartphone if you record it.

         3. For user authentification, there will be one administrator. The administrator will be notified every time when camera is being                        accessed by anyone else.

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