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"XionWatch Pro: 8-Channel NVR 2MP Wireless CCTV Security Camera System"

"XionWatch Pro: 8-Channel NVR 2MP Wireless CCTV Security Camera System"

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Build-in HDD

Introducing XionWatch Pro, the ultimate 8-Channel NVR 2MP Wireless CCTV Security Camera System designed to offer unparalleled peace of mind and security for your home or business. With its advanced wireless technology, this system provides crystal-clear 2MP high-definition video, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision, day or night.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Setup: Engineered for ease, the wireless design allows for quick and straightforward installation without the hassle of running cables. Set up your security system in no time and start protecting your premises immediately.
  • Round-the-Clock Surveillance: Equipped with powerful night vision capabilities, these cameras ensure your property is monitored 24/7. Whether it's pitch black or broad daylight, you'll have a clear view of every corner.
  • Remote Monitoring: Stay connected to your space from anywhere in the world. With our intuitive app, you can stream live footage, playback recorded videos, and receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Robust and Weatherproof: Designed to withstand the elements, each camera boasts a durable build that can brave any weather, offering reliable performance rain or shine.
  • Expandable System: Tailor your surveillance to meet your needs. With support for up to 8 channels, you can easily add more cameras as your security requirements grow.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed: SecureWatch Pro goes beyond traditional security systems by offering a seamless blend of reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. Whether you're looking to protect your home, monitor your business, or simply keep an eye on your property while you're away, this system provides the assurance you need that your assets are safe and secure.

Invest in your safety and security today with SecureWatch Pro. Experience the ultimate in surveillance technology and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is under vigilant watch, day and night.

8CH NVR 2MP Wireless CCTV Security Camera System Outdoor Solar Battery Powered Wifi IP Camera PTZ Video Surveillance Protection

Smart IR-Cut Night Vision

A Non-Invasive Infrared Sensor To Ensure Clear And High-Definition Video Day And Night.

True Plug and Play,Easy Installation

Q: How does the WiFi Camera and WiFi NVR in the Wireless Camera Kit work?
A: Our WiFi Camera has been maatched before leaving the factory. When you supply power to WiFi Camera and Wifi NVR, WiFi NVR will automatically connect to WiFi Camera; Then you can watch the image, Which is really Plug and Play, and the operation is very simple;
Q: How does the WiFi NVR connect to the WiFi Router?
A: Connect Wifi NVR to Wifi Router through Network Cable( Note: Unable to connect Wirelessly)Please refer to the system connection diagram below;

Support multiple video storage methods, cloud, memory card, hard disk, etc.

It is recommended to use a 2.5 Inch HDD as a storage tool because of the sufficient memory and easy to read.

Advanced H.265+ Video Compression

NVR Kits Adopts advanced H.265+ video compression, reduces 50% file size and keeps the same quality compared to H.264.

The NVR Support TF Card and HDD

Max support 128G TF Card, and support 2.5 inch SATA HDD and SSD Interface.

Wireless Cascade Technology

What is cascading technology?
Usually, the camera is a transmitter; The purpose of the cascade technology is that it can turn each WiFi camera into a transmitter and a receiver. It can receive WiFi NVR signals and then transmit the signals to nearby WiFi cameras, the cascading module is built into the body of each WiFi camera.

Smar Wireless System uses the latest wireless cascading technology, supports automatic cascading and manual cascading, and greatly improves the transmission distance and stability.

NVR Size and Multi angle display:

AI Auto Tracking

When someone passes through the protected area, the camera will detect the person"s movement and follow the person.

Smart Light Modes

Built-in White LED and IR LED .
Monitor moving objects, automatically illuminate.This is an impressive little weapon against crime .
Camera could show colorful vision at night too , there are three night modes for you to select .

Clear Two-Way Audio & Audio Record

Record important sound evidence of true reproduction and talk with the visitors freely through built-in Microphone & speaker.

270° Pan & 90° Tilt Rotate

Due to the horizontal 270° and the vertical 90 °, you can remotely control the wifi outdoor camera to view every corner via your mobile phone.

Wired connection & Wireless connection& Bluetooth Connection

You could select the convenient connection as you want . Sometimes you might just have one way to connect the camera , don"t worry , this camera supports wireless and wire connection at the same time.

How to check the NVR connect with network successfully?

Note:The NVR can"t be connected to WiFi wirelessly at present. it can be only fonnected by network cable.

Two ways to check the network status:
(1) Right Click the mouse- NetDetect- Remote Net Detect- Diagnosis Result, If it shows Test Success, the network is connected.

Wireless Configuration/Channel Set.

Note: The original cameras are paired with NVR at manufacturing site. This instruction is for the extra cameras and connected failed cameras.

Wireless NVR supports wired and wireless two ways to access the camera(supported by some models). The two modes are set as follows:
1. Wireless configuration: right click mouse- Wireless/Channel Set, Delete the Offline Cameras first, then click on the Wireless code to Pair/QuickPair, then the image will automatically show after pairing successully.
2. Wired configuration: Connecting NVR to camera with an Ethernet cable will automatically obtain network settings for automatic internet access, After the Ethernet cable is plugged in, NVR will give priority to wired access, and the cameras will show on the screen automatically.

3. Repeat Setting interface descrition

Right click the mouse- Wireless/Channel set- Repeat Set.
There are three Repeat Modes: Auto Repeat, OpenRepeat, CloseRepeat. Under normal circumstances, it is recommanded to set to Auto Repeat mode, Repeat Modes can be set in the pop-up option box when clicking the corresponding IPC Cameras.


In AutoRepeat mode, at most two levels of repeat can be realized, NVR→IPC1→IPC2.The IPC devices connected to the NVR will automatically turn on the repeat function. If the repeat fundtion is turned on, the corresponding IPC font is green (IPC1) And device connected to IPC will not enable the repeat function, If the repeat function is not turned on, the corresponding IPC font is white (IPC2,that is , the device cannot be repeated after IPC2) .

OpenRepeat :

This mode will forcibly open the repeat mode(restart is still maintained) . This mode is used for three-level or above repeat , it is not reconmended to turn on this mode because the transmission load of the WIFI module during the three-level or above repeat is big.


This mode will forcibly close the repeat mode (restart remains),this mode is used when is a complex environment,IPC maybe repeated to an undesirable IPC, at this time you can turn off the repeated equipment to prevent wrong repeat (or use forced connection function).

Easy access via multi-platform

Support Mobile Phone iOS, Android System,Remote view of mobile phones, any time... any where...

IP66 Waterproof / Dustproof

The camera case is made of high-quality ABS plastic , which is waterproof, sun-proof and dust-proof. It is suitable for any environment .

ICsee-Multiple Platform (iOS, Android, Windows) Supported

*Support mobile phones (iOS, Android), support tablets (iPad, Android), support computer (Windows), multi system compatibility. This video surveillance camera is the most convenient way to watch 1080p live streaming from anywhere, anytime.

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