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"Fortress Shield: The Ultimate 100-Meter Quad-Beam Infrared Barrier – Your All-Weather Guardian"

"Fortress Shield: The Ultimate 100-Meter Quad-Beam Infrared Barrier – Your All-Weather Guardian"

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Elevate your security to impenetrable levels with the "Fortress Shield," our groundbreaking 100-Meter Quad-Beam Infrared Barrier. Engineered for resilience, this state-of-the-art detector stands as a testament to innovation, offering unparalleled protection for your premises. Whether it's rain or shine, this outdoor waterproof marvel ensures your peace of mind, casting an invisible yet invincible shield around your property. With four potent beams, the Fortress Shield covers a vast 100-meter expanse, leaving no blind spots unchecked and no intruder unnoticed. Perfect for homes, businesses, or any sensitive area needing round-the-clock surveillance, this detector is your ultimate ally against the unseen. Dive into the future of security where reliability meets cutting-edge technology, and rest easy knowing the Fortress Shield has got your back, every step of the way.

Product parameters:

Outdoor detection range: 100m Number of beams: 4 Size: Height 75CM*Width 3.2cm Beam frequency: 4 frequency conversion Detection method: interrupt the adjacent two beams to alarm Induction speed: 50ms Projector working current (at DC12V): ≤100MA Receiver working current (when DC12V): ≤60MA Optical adjustment angle (horizontal/vertical): horizontal: 180*(±90°)/vertical: 20°(±10°) Alarm output mode: 1C relay contact output NO or NC Material: PC engineering plastic + aluminum alloy shell Other additional functions: light receiving indicator, OK indicator, test terminal Power supply voltage: DC12-24V Working temperature: -25°C- +55°C Working humidity: ≤95% Alarm trigger time: 50ms Alarm duration: ±1S Anti-tamper output mode: N.C normally closed Buzzer prompt: Yes Anti-white light level: 6500LVX Shell protection grade: IP65

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