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Windproof Touch Screen Glove

Windproof Touch Screen Glove

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Product Details

Style: Spider 1, Spider 2
Name: Spider gloves
Material: Cotton, Lycra, Nylon
Size: S, M, L, XL
Fit: Cycling, Riding, Fishing, Hiking, Skiing, Running, Outdoor Sport

Product Features

1. Keep warm, perfect for winter.
2. Windproof design.
3. Touch screen, easy to answer the phone, operate the phone
4. Shockproof, Anti-slip, Breathable


If you don't know how to choose your size, please feel free to contact us !


Analysis of spider web touch screen breathable gloves

high elasticity,breathable,sensitive touch screen,suitable for spring,summer and autumn

Microfiber sensitive touch screen

fingertip microfiber conductive fabric,so that the gloves not only play a protective role,but also can play a variety of mobile phones and tablets

High elastic and breathable,comfortable and not tight

The back of the hand is made of lycra fabric and butterfly mesh,which is highlyelastic and comfortable,and the mesh is breathable,which protects the back of the hand

Intimate terry fabric

there is a towel cloth on the thump,which is convenient for wiping sweat,the lengthened design f the bowl is more intimate
1.hook bonding design for more convenient fit
2.tiger's thick fiber fabric is more wear-resistant

fashion spider web styling

the adhesive strips on the back of the hand are spliced into a spider web shape,fashionable shape,beautiful travel

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