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"Revolutionise Your Professional World: ROYOLE A5 Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad"

"Revolutionise Your Professional World: ROYOLE A5 Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad"

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"Embrace innovation with the ROYOLE A5 Bluetooth Digital Writing Pad, your gateway to efficiency and creativity. Designed for the modern professional, this smart notebook seamlessly integrates into security, medical, and various other industries, offering unparalleled convenience. Its A5 size ensures portability, while the graphics painting tablet feature caters to your creative needs. Benefit from real-time cloud storage accessible on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring your data is always at your fingertips. Enhance your workflow, secure your data, and unleash your creativity, all with one device. Transform your professional life with the ROYOLE A5 Digital Writing Pad."

By applying an advanced handwriting recognition engine, the it can intelligently distinguish between words in multiple languages(Chinese, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Dutch,and Portuguese) and images and separate the doodles from the words.

Support offline handwriting! Even when you are disconnected from the Internet, it stores up to 50pages of offline notes, allowing you to easily record your inspirations whenever and wherever you are,Connect mobile phone and other devices again, automatic synchronisation cloud!

Open the "Rowrite"app and import offline data like sketches for backup.

Support sharing facebook and other social software!

it is compatible with general A5 size note, allowing you write and realize data transmission with ordinary paper that can be easily replaced at any time, helping you write, record, and create quickly and conveniently.


System: IOS/android/Windows/Mac

Related Questions

Q: Does ROYOLE have any requirements for stylus and refills, and how do I buy them when they run out?

Please use the original ROYOLE stylus. After the refill is used up, you can replace it with the original refill of ROYOLE, or you can replace it with a D1 refill made by other regular manufacturers.

Q: Are there any requirements for handwriting and paper?

The writing area is A5 (A4 folded), so you can use the original handwriting replacement book or A5 size paper.

Q: How do I download the ROYOLE App?

You can download it by searching "RoWrite" or "ROYOLE" in the Apple App Store and Android mobile application market.

Q: How do I connect RoWrite to my cell phone?

After the power of your handwriting is turned on, you can search and connect your handwriting by entering the device list through the settings page in the upper left corner of the APP->RoWrite. Before connecting, please make sure that ROYOLE is on, and the Bluetooth and GPS positioning function of mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) is turned on (Bluetooth 4.2 protocol requires GPS positioning function to be turned on).

Q: What is the memory size of ROYOLE handwriting notebook?

ROYOLE can store about 50 pages of normal notes offline. After connecting the APP, you can sync your notes to the cloud.

Q: What is the charging speed and battery life of ROYOLE?

It is recommended to use a charger with charging current greater than 500mA for charging, and it can be fully charged within 2 hours. ROYOLE can be used continuously for 8 hours after a full charge, or continuous standby for over 30 days.

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