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Advanced Home Security Lock: Modern Protection for Your Peace of Mind

Advanced Home Security Lock: Modern Protection for Your Peace of Mind

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Elevate your home security with our Advanced Home Security Lock, designed to offer superior protection without sacrificing convenience. This state-of-the-art lock system eliminates traditional vulnerabilities by utilizing cutting-edge technology, allowing for keyless entry through remote control, a dedicated phone app, or an interior button—providing flexibility and safety. With an extended antenna for enhanced signal strength and a USB external power option to ensure functionality even when batteries run low, this lock is built for reliability. Installation is straightforward, making it suitable for all door types. Secure your home with confidence and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind with our Advanced Home Security Lock.

1. No hole lock design, completely rejecting the traditional key and lock, in the fully open and closed by remote control, realized the real security.
2. Extended antenna, stronger, safer and more receptive signal.
3. Add USB external power function. Make sure the lock works when the battery (not included) is dead.
4. Three optional unlock modes: remote control unlock, interior button unlock, phone app unlock.
5. Easy installation on all kinds of doors, very convenient.




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