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"Flipper Zero: The Ultimate Portable Multi-Tool for Pentesters & Tech Enthusiasts"

"Flipper Zero: The Ultimate Portable Multi-Tool for Pentesters & Tech Enthusiasts"

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"Introducing Flipper Zero, the innovative, toy-like multi-tool that's a must-have for pentesters, hackers, and technology lovers. Crafted for versatility and fun, it specializes in hacking digital domains including radio protocols, access control systems, and various hardware components.


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Embrace the power of open-source with a device that's fully customizable, allowing you to tailor its capabilities to fit your exact needs. Whether you're delving into security research, exploring hardware, or just indulging your geeky curiosities, Flipper Zero offers a unique blend of playfulness and potency, making it the perfect companion for all your digital adventures."

Sub-1 GHz Transceiver
Sub-1 GHz Range This is the operating range for a wide class of wireless devices and access control systems, such as garage door remotes, boom barriers,
IoT sensors and remote keyless systems. Users can expand their Flipper Zero capabilities by installing additional apps to read data from various devices
including weather stations. Flipper has an integrated multi-band antenna, and a CC1101 chip, making it a powerful transceiver with a range of up to 50 meters

125 kHz RFID
Low-frequency proximity cards

This type of card is widely used in old access control systems around the world. It"s pretty dumb, stores only an N-byte ID and has no authentication mechanism,
allowing it to be read, cloned and emulated by anyone. A 125 kHz antenna is located on the bottom of Flipper Zero - it can read low-frequency proximity cards
and save them to memory to emulate later.

You can also emulate cards by entering their IDs manually. Moreover, Flipper Zero owners can share card IDs remotely with other Flipper Zero users.

High-frequency proximity cards
Flipper Zero has a built-in NFC module (13.56 MHz). Along with the 125 kHz RFID module, it turns Flipper Zero into an ultimate RFID device operating in both low-frequency (LF)
and high-frequency (HF) ranges. The NFC module supports all the major standards.
It works pretty much the same as the 125 kHz module, allowing you to interact with NFC-enabled devices - read, write and emulate HF tags.


Full Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support allows Flipper Zero to act as a peripheral device, allowing you to connect your Flipper Zero to 3rd-party devices and smartphones.

Infrared Transceiver

Infrared Transmitter
The infrared transmitter can transmit signals to control electronics such as TVs, air conditioners (AC), stereo systems, and others.
Flipper Zero has a built-in library of signals for common TV, AC, projectors, stereo systems brands.
This library is constantly updated by the Flipper Zero community by adding new signals to the IR Remote database.

MicroSD card

External storage for apps and data
There is a variety of data Flipper Zero has to store: remote codes, signal databases, dictionaries, image assets, logs, and more.
All this data is stored on a microSD card. The microSD card slot has a push-push type connector, so the card is reliably secured
inside without sticking out. Flipper Zero supports any FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT formatted microSD cards to store your
assets so you"ll never have to worry the memory will run out.



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