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2 Channel installation-free Vehicle Mounted Anti Drone System Defence Portable For Car Use Anti FPV Drone Customisable Frequency

2 Channel installation-free Vehicle Mounted Anti Drone System Defence Portable For Car Use Anti FPV Drone Customisable Frequency

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Commercial drones and the resulting need for effective counter measures to drone intrusions. aims to help public and private sector customers,where allowed by law, take proactive measures against airborne threats to safety,security, and privacy.

1. With high gain magnet antenna, can be mounted on the roof of the car.

2. Good cooling system, work continuously
3. Stable capability, cost-effective choice
4. Output power 50w make high jamming range.

Or customize other cellular standard int he world.

LoJack173MHz, VHF,UHF, Walkie-talkie, interphone, 433MHz,315MHz,

868MHz, 915MHz, 450MHz,iDEN, CDMA, GSM, GPRS,DCS,PCS, AWS,WCDMA,UMTS,3G,4G,LTE 700,LTE 800,LTE 2300,LTE 2600, GPS,L1,GPSL2, Galileo, Compass, Glonass, WIFI,Bluetooth, Spycamera,WIMAX,UAV,Drone,1.2G,1.4G,1.5G GPS, 2.4G, 5.2G,5.8G,etc.

Prisons, military, government, Oil and Gas Storage Facilities and fields,
Churches, Theatres,News Conference Rooms,Libraries,Museums, Courts,Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, mosques,etc.







Total Power


Average output power(+1dBm)




Running temperature

-25"C to +65"C



Power supply

AC110-240V,DC 24V

Set Configuration

1. Set Configuration Options :

1 Pcs 2 Channel Host

2 Pcs Mounting Bracket

1 Pcs Switched Power Cord for Car Battery

1 pcs High gain antenna

2. Set Configuration Options :

1 Pcs 2 Channel Host

4 Pcs Powerful Magnet

2 Pcs N Male to N Female Connector

1 Pcs Switched Power Cord for Car Battery

2 Pcs High Gain Antenna

3. Set Configuration Options :

1 Pcs 2 Channel Host

4 Pcs Powerful Magnet

2 Pcs High gain large suction cup antenna

1 Pcs Switched Power Cord for Car Battery






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Application Scenario

Best Anti Drone and Drone Security Systems To Protect People, Events, Buildings and More.

What is Anti-Drone? What is its purpose? Why is there a need for countermeasures against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)?

Drone technology is advancing rapidly, with drones now more affordable, easier to obtain, and simpler to fly. Commercial drones are used for recreational purposes, increasing the number of UAS in our skies.

For security teams, it"s more crucial than ever to understand what drone threats can be harmful.
Protecting critical infrastructure, events, and people is vital, especially in urban environments where line of site limitations and clutter are constant challenges. Which is why you need a comprehensive drone detection, classification, and monitoring solution.
Anti-Drone Applications Cover Several Key Areas :

1. Base Security: Utilized to protect sensitive bases, facilities, and operations from the threat of hostile drones. Countermeasure systems can detect, interfere with, or destroy adversary drones.

2. Public Safety: Deployed in public spaces like airports, stadiums, and government buildings to prevent illegal drone intrusions, ensuring the safety and order of the public.

3. Business Security: Employed by businesses to counter potential threats from drones used for espionage, corporate espionage, or other security risks.

4. Event Security: Used in large-scale events, gatherings, or celebrations to ensure drones do not pose potential security risks, safeguarding the safety of participants and spectators.

5. Prison Security: Implemented to prevent drones from being used for illegal item transport or escape plans, maintaining the security of prisons.

6. Critical Infrastructure: Deployed to protect vital infrastructure such as power plants and water treatment facilities from drone attacks or disruptions.

7. VIP and Personnel Protection: Used to safeguard government officials, corporate executives, and other important figures from potential drone threats.

8. Emergency Rescue: In disasters and emergencies, countermeasure systems can be employed to ensure rescue operations are not disrupted by drones.



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